Bayside Mediation

Established in March 2013, Bayside Mediation has the simple goal of providing separating couples with a faster, cheaper and kinder alternative to litigation. We have since grown to a team of 3 dedicated Family Dispute Resolutions Practitioners (legally accredited family mediators) and have recently expanded our premises to include a number of purpose-built mediation suites. For our clients, this means when they are ready to take the next step, we are able to provide them with an appointment within the week. And we are able to tailor the process to each client’s individual needs.

At Bayside Mediation all our practitioners were drawn to the Family Dispute Resolution practice because of what we experienced personally and encountered professionally in the Family Law system. Disheartened and disillusioned with the devastating financial and emotional impact on families, we are united in our determination to find a better way. 

While many practitioners are trained not to be attached to outcomes, and to only provide a process – we are unapologetically invested in achieving positive results for our clients and their children. We design a process that best suits our clients’ needs. We will involve solicitors, psychologists and/or financial planners if that is what is needed to help. We support our clients, helping to smooth the way while they walk this unfamiliar road of transitioning from an intact family to a non-intact family with the one overarching goal: to empower clients to make the best possible decisions for their families, both financially and emotionally.

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