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The father of a woman beaten to death in a Melbourne park is suing Corrections Victoria for alleged negligence in letting her killer walk free beforehand.


The Federal Court has ordered Telstra to pay a penalty of $50 million plus costs for its treatment of Indigenous customers in rural and remote parts of Australia.

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The AISLES Australian Law Network provides to Lawyers and Law Firms Virtual Paralegal Services which are provided by Law Graduates who have not yet got their practicing certificates.  The services are delivered remotely by the Paralegal under contract with your firm. 

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Ms Teffaha, from Advocate Me, had submitted one of the children allegedly taken by the syndicate had been “let down” by the police and judiciary and the court was “enabling” his abuse.

“In my view Ms Teffaha … (those comments) may be prejudicial to or diminish the public confidence in the administration of justice,” Magistrate Gett said.

“There may be a breach of your fundamental duty as a solicitor practising in the state of Queensland.”

Chinese-Australian billionaire Chau Chak Wing has been awarded $590,000 in damages after his "fine, unblemished and unquestioned reputation" was besmirched in an ABC Four Corners program.

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