Comment to 'The Australian Government has developed a COVID-19 Vaccination P...'
  • Think of the No Jab No Pay/Play policy and now add to it.

    Its never mandatory.

    No Jab - No Job
    - No Travel
    eg: Shopping, Sporting Activities

    Essentially NO JAB = NO LIFE

    "While the Australian Government strongly
    supports immunisation and will run a strong
    campaign to encourage vaccination, it is not
    mandatory and individuals may choose not to
    vaccinate. There may however, be circumstances
    where the Australian Government and other
    governments may introduce border entry or
    re-entry requirements that are conditional on proof
    of vaccination."

    Monitored by all things .... AIR

    "The AIR will be the unifying national system to
    monitor both overall immunisation levels and
    individual immunisation status. It will be mandatory
    for vaccination providers to make timely
    recordings of any COVID-19 vaccinations into AIR"

    So there is a national register.

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