Product Overview

Affidavit Drafting and Review

FLAST provides an Affidavit Drafting and Review Service.  

This service includes briefing FLAST by phone call about your case so when we read your draft the content has context and makes sense to us.  You will be guided how to format the affidavit and structure it in such a way as to avoid pleading conclusions not facts and techniques used to condense the message to get more impact within the page limits that may exist.  Once you believe the draft is ready we will submit it for review by a practicing legal practitioner in Family Law.   

This is a review of the affidavit with a legal opinion on it in writing, it is recommended this be completed at least 7 days prior to submission to give you time to reflect on the legal opinion and make necessary changes before filing.


This service is available for subscription members only for $220.00 to assist with drafting affidavits up to 10 pages long.

Affidavits longer than 10 pages attract a cost of $22 per page thereafter which includes a lawyers review of the affidavit.

Resubmission for 2nd review $110.00

This price includes a phone briefing of the back ground of your case so the person assisting with drafting and review can understand what your case is about and what you are trying to say, this is limited to one hour but if more time is needed you can extend at the cost of $65 per hour or part thereof. 

Conditions of Purchase

This service is not to be construed or characterised as legal advice and nor should it be used in any legal capacity without first seeking independent legal advice, it is a condition of purchasing this service that you irrevocably agree and understand that the purpose of this service serves as a support service with preparation and training in general affidavit drafting skills with the view that the final product will be reviewed by a practicing lawyer and even then its use is conditional upon you seeking independent legal advice before using it.


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