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A Will is one of the most important documents we will ever make and yet so few of us actually have one.  For those who do have one, it is important to go back and make sure that it still represents what you would like to happen to your assets after you die.  If you have recently separated, married or started a family, creating a Will should be at the top of your list of things to do.

Whether it is a simple Will or one that includes testamentary trust mechanisms, we will help you to prepare your Will that accords with your wishes.  

Don't leave it for other's to decide how your assets will be distributed

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Setting the rules now on how assets are to be divided in the event your relationship breaks down ensures that you aren’t left having to start again.  A Binding Financial Agreement will give you peace of mind and potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs in disputed property settlements.

We will work with you and provide real and personalised service to ensure that the Financial Agreement has been properly completed and will be enforceable at law.

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