Moderated and Mediated Family Communication


This new FLAST service is for those in relationship breakdowns with difficulty communicating.

Instead of arguments, fights and emotions running wild, why not try a mediated communication membership?

Through moderated and mediated communications, we will foster positive discussions in the best interests of the parties by promoting positive co-parenting communications and preventing emotionally charged conversations.

With mediated communication membership accounts, we provide a communication system where you can send messages to each other and before it arrives to the other party the message is reviewed by our nationally accredited mediators, if it is moderated, it is returned to sender with a reframed alternative which conveys the same message in a more neutral way with reduced risk of ambiguity. Positive, Clear Communication is fostered.

It is also ideal for parties who have already started a new relationship where there are some issues of trust in you and the ex. communicating, if helps foster that trust in new relationships as well if your new partner knows the communications are being moderated and a print out of the conversations is provided each month for your records.

If there are issues of disagreement on each subject matter a support ticket is raised and that subject remains open for discussion until an agreement is reached, if agreement can not be reached the subject is escalated as an agenda item for possible mediation.


Message Sent

Message Review
Message Received
Why are Monthly Activity Reports important?

They allow you to have a print out of your entire communications that can be used as evidence of your good faith attempts to resolve the dispute in a positive, rational and civil manner in your attempts to co-parent.

In other words, if the matter goes to Court you don’t need to worry about the time, money and stress of having to subpoena the conversation from your telecommunications providers.

Communications between the Moderator and the Sending parties when a message is reviewed is strictly private and confidential and is considered part of the mediation process and therefore is inadmissible in court as evidence and as such is not made available to the parties and would require a Court Order to release the information which is very unlikely to occur given it is statutorily protected communications.

Other added Features

Shared Calendar of events, never miss a date/time, with notifications and reminders.

Shared Secure Documents and Images Library so if messages include references to Documents, Receipts, reports or Images you have a place to upload them and share them in fostering secure and safe communications.

Shared Expense Report
Where you can record any relevant expenses that need to be considered in co-parenting arrangements.

Support Ticket Generation on Issues as they arise. Any issues that arise in the communications that remain unresolved will automatically generate a support ticket on that subject matter for resolution.

How long does FLAST keep my conversations?
All communications are saved for the duration of the account. At the time an account is terminated you will receive a copy of your final communications with a notice that any communications between FLAST and the account holder that has been moderated will be deleted within 90 days of closure unless otherwise ordered by a Court of Law.

What are the operating hours?
The Service is available 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Messages outside of those hours will incur a surcharge and can experience delays in sending.

How secure is my data and how is it stored?
We maintain Comodo SSL Security Certificates for encryption.

What does this mean for you?
Any data you submit to our communications website is over a https connection or otherwise ssl secure connection and will be securely encrypted with the strongest available algorithms.

The SSL certificate used by FLAST carries a $10,000 warranty to further protect members and show we are committed to customer security as a highest priority.

Our servers have redundancy and automated backups so no information stored on the servers can be lost accidentally. All communications with FLAST use bank-level encryption (SHA-256/AES-256) which is HIPAA and HITEC compliant.

This service is only available to FLAST PREMIUM members and the additional FLAST MEDIATED COMMUNICATION MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT has a minimum subscription of $10 per party per month for 12 months whether you use the service or not. The initial set-up time can be from 7 to 14 days with an initial set-up cost of $349.00.

Reviewed Messages cost $1.00 per message.
Moderated Messages cost an additional $2.00 per message.
Support Ticketed Messages cost an additional $25 per subject.
Agenda Items for mediation cost and additional $100 per agenda item on Mediation Day.

Mediation day is $375.00 per person for industry standard 3-4 hour session.


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