Family Dispute Resolution Pre-Mediation Session - FREE !

Dispute Resolution Pre-Mediation Session

Dispute Resolution Pre-Mediation includes initial intake contact with you via phone, email and/or video meeting if necessary
This service involves a pre-mediation intake session with an accredited national mediator that covers:

  • Entering the Dispute 
    • Here you find out about your mediators credentials and qualifications to help with your dispute and get to know your mediator as it is important you feel comfortable with your mediator.  The mediator will also explain their role in the process, the stages of mediation and aspects of the negotiation process along with estimates of costs associated with Mediation.
    • It is important to understand that a mediators role is impartial, the mediator is not an advocate for either party.
    • You will have the opportunity to explain the background of your case to the mediator and what your position is to any disputed areas that require mediation.
  • Contacting the other side
    • Your mediator will contact the other party to the dispute and also hear them out what their version of the story is and what their position is on any disputed areas that require mediation.
    • You can expect your mediator to be diplomatic and tactful when contacting the other side and will not disclose what they have discussed with you nor what your position is unless that is something you want the mediator to do for you.
  • Intake Screening and Streaming
    • The mediator will take into consideration things like power imbalances, the psychological state of the parties and attitudes towards mediation, the prospect of success of mediation and the nature of the communications the mediator has had with the parties.
    • Intake includes not only screening for suitability but for streaming, which involves the reference of disputes to appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms, such as conflict  coaching, conciliation and litigation as well as bringing in third party experts into the mediation collaboratively such as child psychologists, forensic psychologists, support and counselling experts such as experts in Domestic and Family Violence to assist with high conflict cases.



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