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The Australian Government has developed a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy to guide the rollout of safe and effective vaccines across Australia.

This policy sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Australian Government and State and Territory Governments in implementing a COVID-19 vaccination program from early next year.

Should our promising vaccine candidates be found safe and effective, all Australians for which a vaccine is medically suitable will be able to be vaccinated for free.

Read more about the vaccination policy here: www.health.gov.au/n…/covid-19-vaccination-policy-endorsement

  • Miranda Mooney If it is anything like the COVID-19 tests, I’m sure there will be apprehension from some 🤷‍♀️

    The below is from the TGA itself.

    ‘The reliability of COVID-19 tests is uncertain due to the limited evidence base.

    Available evidence mainly comes from symptomatic patients, and their clinical role in detecting asymptomatic carriers is unclear.

    SARS-CoV-2 tests have undergone an expedited assessment by the TGA to enable their legal supply in Australia. These expedited assessments are based on the limited clinical and performance data currently available’ 


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    • Hardly something inspiring the use of the words "safe and effective".

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    • Phil Burke 'Will be available to" or *will be mandatory* is my concern. What they say is not always what they mean.

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      • Think of the No Jab No Pay/Play policy and now add to it.

        Its never mandatory.

        No Jab - No Job
        - No Travel
        eg: Shopping, Sporting Activities

        Essentially NO JAB = NO LIFE

        "While the Australian Government strongly
        supports immunisation and will run a strong
        campaign to encourage vaccination, it is not
        mandatory and individuals may choose not to
        vaccinate. There may however, be circumstances
        where the Australian Government and other
        governments may introduce border entry or
        re-entry requirements that are conditional on proof
        of vaccination."

        Monitored by all things .... AIR

        "The AIR will be the unifying national system to
        monitor both overall immunisation levels and
        individual immunisation status. It will be mandatory
        for vaccination providers to make timely
        recordings of any COVID-19 vaccinations into AIR"

        So there is a national register.

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